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About Us

LĒF® Lingerie is a lingerie brand that was born in 2019 with the purpose of creating comfortable, elegant, contemporary, sensual, and sustainable pieces. LĒF® Lingerie celebrates the natural silhouette of the female body.

Our creative process begins by thinking about what we really want to use, and with this, in mind we look for beautiful fabrics.

Because we always think about being ecological, we use fabrics with less environmental impact. In the first collection, we use Tencel. This fabric is the most environmentally friendly cellulosic fiber currently available. It is produced exclusively from the pulp of eucalyptus tree wood. Absorbs relative humidity depending on skin temperature, always ensures the comfort of who wears it. It is exceptionally soft and perfect for people with sensitive skin. It is a very sustainable fiber since it is made only with a natural chemical substance, which is constantly reused, which minimizes the impact on the environment. In addition, to manufacture it, the use of water that is required is minimal. Tencel is similar to cotton, but neither wrinkles nor shrinks.

We put sustainability at the center of everything we do: in the fabrics, in the manufacturing process, and in the people who make LĒF® Lingerie possible.

Our lingerie designs are beautiful and faithful to who we are, without artifice or fillers. Lines and cups molded to different body types. Designed by women, for all types of women.

The creative director of LĒF® Lingerie is Carolina Rodríguez González, a graduate in Graphic Design from the Elisava Higher School of Design, a Plastic Arts Technician from the Llotja School of Design and Art, and a Master in Fashion Design from IED Barcelona. She has developed much of his professional career in the area of ​​graphic design. She has always mixed his career with his interest in fashion design. She has training in fashion, his PFM dedicated it to the corsetry of the 50s, always interested in this world.

The collaborators of LĒF® Lingerie, are mostly women:

• The images of the brand are by Silvia Gil-Roldán, photographer and graphic designer, based in Tenerife. How the photographer has worked for hotels such as Royal Hideaway Sancti Petri and Royal Hideaway Corales (both of the Barceló Group), Hotel Salobre and Hotel Veintiuno in Gran Canaria and also fashion brands such as Ritavon, Cus Barcelona, ​​LĒF Lingerie, Verbena Madrid or Zen Barcelona, ​​among others.

• The illustrations that you can find in e-commerce and that you will see in future pieces that we are already thinking about, are by Núria Antolí Savall, fashion designer and illustrator, graduated in Fine Arts and Master in Fashion Design by IED Barcelona, ​​has worked to brands like Lupo Accessories and Inditex.

•For the photo session of the new pieces we also had the wonderful stylist and make-up artist Gisela Castells. And they are made in the exceptional location of Atic Nou.

LĒF® Lingerie is a brand that is designed and made 100% in Barcelona.