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Fabric and sustainability

Maybe you've stopped, even though this sustainability in fashion is temporary. And that many brands have joined this car to be cool. Possibly.
But from this company, which takes little time, we are committed to don't be like that.
From time to time we'll explain here what we're doing to be sustainable, and since we're newbies, perhaps now it's not in our hands to do much, but we're convinced that, with your help, we'll be able to do more!
Currently we are using a fabric called TENCEL™️, or Lyocell, we do not know if you know it. TENCEL™️ is the most environmentally friendly cellulose fiber available today. It is produced exclusively from the wood pulp of eucalyptus trees, and is a biodegradable product. Its manufacture does not produce by-products harmful to health or the planet.
Its main characteristics are:
• Extreme softness to the touch. Ideal for sensitive or delicate skins.
• It acts as a second skin, regulating body temperature and maintaining water balance.
• Absorbs moisture and dries faster than other fibers.
• It inhibits the growth of bacteria and mites naturally.
• 100% vegetable and ecological fabric.
• Fabric 100 times more resistant than cotton, so it is more durable.
Not only do we want to be sustainable by using a fabric like this, but also by the way we manufacture and present the collections, and work with our suppliers and partners. Because for us, sustainability is not just about a beautiful, ecological fabric, it is a mindset. 

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